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Financial Education and Culture


Maybe it’s time to become independent and buy your first house, or to buy that car you’d like so much?

Would you find it interesting to take advantage of strategies that favor this type of decision to pay less interest?

Just as we insure our assets when we talk about our home with a Home Insurance policy, have you ever thought about the value of your most precious asset: your life and health? Would you like to know?

Let’s calculate it together! It is important.

Do you know what the liquidity cushion is?

Do you know your savings capacity?

Do you have the answer to how to manage your wealth?

I invite you to learn about ways to diversify and plan with a professional.

Do you know the future fiscal impact of all the decisions you have made in the past and will make in the present?

Be an advanced student and get your act together. The most important thing is the attitude and the willingness to be advised by an expert.

Take action and be the one in control of your future! Remember that it is one of those secret keys that are not talked about and that almost nobody applies, but that has an enormous power to transform our lives.

Do you have a family member with a disability and want to enjoy the peace of mind and security of knowing that they will be fine when you are no longer able to help them tomorrow?

I understand you perfectly, because I am the first one who has a daughter with a disability and who looks every day to build a secure future adapted to her DIS-INT-CAPABILITIES.


The key to my role as a Family Banker, thanks to the fact that I am Self-Employed (self-employed), lies in "How can I help you?", to offer:

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